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another status update

And the costume is very nearly done.

UnnamedThe tulle skirt was finished up first – I followed the instructions from this tutorial and this tutorial and the biggest ordeal of the project was actually working with the tulle. Sadie's skirt has six layers, and I cut them out separately so that the sizing would be truer. This was fine, but then lining up all the layers of tulle to baste them together was a tricky matter because the fabric was both a little bit slippery and a little bit static-y. But they sewed together fine (plus a cotton layer for lining) and attaching the wide elastic went exactly to plan. I copied the circle skirt tutorial and downloaded the circle skirt pattern template from the Scientific Seamstress and it was extremely helpful. I needed to the entire pattern to make a tea-length skirt for my average-height five year-old.


The next part I worked on was the sparkly bodice overlay. I'd changed my plan for this part at least four times. I've actually sewn two. The first one was a simple tube that I'd drafted using one of Sadie's tees; it looked really good but when I thought about it, it was kind of a pain for her to shimmy into. I thought about sewing a panel of the bodice fabric directly onto the leotard, but the obvious problem with that scenario was that my fabric wasn't stretchy and the leotard obviously was. I googled and Pinterested and found a new tutorial that had a good solution. It's basically sewing a rectangle and thus, really easy. I have never seen this Wonder Under product, so I used Steam-a-Seam 2 for fusing the cotton lining.  I added a  bit of length to Sadie's in order to ensure the elastic on the tulle skirt was fully covered, and only put elastic part-way down the back to accomodate her bottom. 


In the meantime, her leotard arrived in the mail, and I was happy that I'd gone with the Capezio version because the colour is a lighter blue than the ones I'd seen in real life at the dance supply store. I've started to sew some beads and sequins around the scoop neck. 

The glitter organza was delivered yesterday, and when I pulled the fabric out of the plastic sleeve, it looked like a bag of pixie dust had exploded in the kitchen! It looks like a lot of the glitter came out in the wash! Anyway, I'm happy with the sparkle as a stand-in for ice crystals. Also, ordering from Joann's across the border was completely painless. Shipping cost and time was reasonable, and my order was a small enough value that I wasn't charged any duty. Now I just have to sew the thing ….



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