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update on that moving thing

I'll admit that over the summer, I got a little bit wrapped up in the small details of our prospective overseas move. We received some less-than-positive information about a housing shortage, and I became rather obsessed with it.

Some of my concerns are still on-going . Like, the housing that we may be assigned to isn't very family friendly – no outdoor space for the kids to ride their scooters, create murals with sidewalk chalk, work on their frisbee skills. Not enough bedrooms. Too far away from the compound for after-school playdates to be do-able. I've learned that others concerns are going to actually work out fine, like how the kids will stay for lunch instead of coming home, which makes more sense considering their one-hour lunch break and the 50-minute round-trip travel-time. 

I went to an orientation session with the company last week, and it was all about the big picture, and it was a good reminder. More family time, because there's no overtime. Chris will get on the bus to come home at 4 pm every workday. Timely and quality healthcare (did I mention that one of my kids is waiting nine months to see a dermatologist here in Calgary?). A school that is rich in resources and extracurricular activities, small classes, and modest dress codes. Life in a small community. Excellent access to travel. My list of destinations is long: Turkey, Egypt, Oman, Jordan, South Africa … 

As I sat listening to my orientation leader and keeping an eye on the slides, it occured to me what this opportunity has to offer intersects pretty nicely with the things that I came to appreciate about living overseas before. And I strangely miss it. 


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