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3 Things Little Girls Need from their Fathers – this article reads very much "of the time" to me right now, but also timeless. This things have always been true.  To summarise

  1. Respect her body and its capacities
  2. She needs to feel close to you throughout your lives together
  3. She needs you as a role model for how she should be treated by boys and men

Being Left Out Hurts – the title gives the topic of the article away, but it also includes one of things that infurates me the most (adult women acting like their still in junior high school) and something that I am really supportive of (advocasy for children). 

Learning to Love Criticism – my husband saw this open in a tab in my web browser, and hassled me some over the title, but this article caught my attention because the first paragraph stated that 74% of negative feedback given to women contains a personal attack, while only 2% does for men. This gender imbalance is truly abhorrant.


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