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things i have to say about knitting

1. My kids are interested in knitting themselves, but more so on whatever project that I'm working on rather than a project of their own. I've lost more than a few stitches due to passing my WIP to Madeline, so I'm not keen on having her work on whatever lacey pattern I currently have on my needles. She knit a fair amount of the crazy-long garter-stitch scarf that I made for Chris, and she's made a cute little cozy for her eReader, and that was a good project for introducing her to some increase and decrease stitches. Now that the scarf is finished, she's working on a mobius capelet with some very soft bulky-weight yarn.  My six year-old is just not allowed to touch my knitting stuff, period – I just don't have a plan for teaching her yet. When Sadie talks about what she wants to knit, it's always stuff like three-dimensional stuffed animals and I am so not there myself! I'm not sure that she's going to be hooked on knitting by knitting swatches, you know? 

2. Ravelry has been around for awhile now, and I am still not sure whether it's a blessing or a curse. I am definitely the type of person who will use whatever tools that I have access to research anything that I'm interested in to death. This means that when I decided that it was time to knit myself a new winter hat, I looked at over a hundred pages of patterns before finally giving up and just picking one. Too much choice is a bad thing – at least, for me. On the other hand, it's great to be able to look up a yarn that I'm clueless how to best use, and see what other knitters have successfully used it for. And to see what a scarf that I am smitten with is usually knit out of. 

3. I've spent far too many hours since last Saturday comparing photos of finished scarfs in three different shades of grey yarn. The worst part is that one of these yarns is totally discontinued, which makes my crush on it even more ridiculous. None of them are stocked at my local LYS, and are out-of-stock at the Canadian online retailers that I've been able to find. My fingers are crossed that I'll find something else in a similarly lovely shade of silver-grey so that I'm not tempted to order from the USA  … 


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