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i’m sewing again! twice in one year!

One item that I added to my pre-move lists today was sending my sewing machine in for a tune-up. I am not sure that it's had one since I inherited it from my mom! It's more a preventative thing; my very basic 1977 Bernina 707 Minimatic is running fine (except that the on/off switch no longer works; thankfully it defaults to "on"). 

My sewing project is an experimental nightgown for Madeline. We used to be able to find very soft all-cotton ones in Bangkok at Lottie & Max, but we haven't lived there since 2010! Here in Canada, my kids have a choice of often-scratchy synthetic pajamas, no matter where we shop. So, I found this really cute raglan-sleeve pattern online and am using it with some of the cotton knit that I bought at the Than Dinh (if I remember the name correctly) market in Saigon.

So, I've mentioned above that my sewing machine is getting vintage, and that I'm actually in the midst of a sewing project. What else should I find when I check out my feed reader this morning and see a post titled "Is it worth it to buy an expensive sewing machine?" over at one my favourite sewing blogs? It was like the universe was telling me that I need to upgrade and make many more raglan-sleeve nightgowns filled with machine appliques and automatic buttonholes!

The post did make me doubt my loyalty to the little Bernina that has been in my life forever for a moment, but even if I do buy a new machine someday, I'll probably hang on to the Bernina. It's the machine that most of my clothes were made on until I was probably eight years old. It's the machine that made all of the outfits for my Cabbage Patch dolls. And it's small and portable, so I can plunk it down on a table to get to work right away, no matter where in the world I am!


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