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Quotable Madeline: Art Criticism Edition

Madeline points to a thumbnail-sized image of Dali's Persistence of Memory in one of her reference books and says, "Mom, this is my favourite kind of art – droopy pictures of everyday things!"

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Quotable Madeline: Not in Kansas Any More

I can't remember exactly why we were talking about this, but if you happened to be a passenger in our van this weekend, you might have overhead this:

"Madeline, how do you know that Fancy Nancy doesn't live in Vietnam?"

My six year-old's reply, "Because the street she lives on does not have all of this garbage on the road!!!"

Well, yes. That would be a clue.  Not the one that I might have used, but looking out the window at the roadside, I have to admit that she is correct nonetheless.


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home away from home

Today we were sitting around the table after brunch, Madeline with a notebook open and a pencil crayon in hand. She gestured at her purple-penned sketch, and confided to me, "When I am eight years old, I am going to go live on this planet."

Well, gosh. We haven't even let her have a sleep-over with friends yet, and now she's making plans to move out LOL! 

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Quotable Madeline: the one hundredth day edition

4324566330_0a3d2d66ee_m  Today, the five kindergarten classes at Madeline's school celebrated their one hundredth day with song and cupcakes, sharing collections of one hundred things (Madeline took one hundred of the beads that I bought somewhere on Sampeng Lane), and very occasion-specific eyewear. My girl was really excited to go to school, and it must have made a big impression on her because when she came home, this is what I overheard:

"The Infinity-st Day of Kindergarten – that will be a really special celebration!"

I wonder how long it will be before she stops counting …

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righties and lefties

This afternoon, after school,  I was helping Madeline put a bracelet on her wrist. She gestured to her free right arm and asked, "Mama, do you write with this arm like I do?"

I shook my head, "Nope. I use the other one."

With an expression of shock and awe, Madeline exclaimed, "Wow! You use the HARD arm!"

Still chuckling to myself …

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Quotable Madeline: the existential edition

One of Madeline's goldfish is ailing. Frankly, he looks like he's been in a knife fight and sustained heavy wounds and an eye injury. The other night, Chris gently told Madeline that Curly the Fish was going to "go away" because he wasn't feeling very well anymore. 

Madeline asked, "Where is Curly going to go?"

"Well, up to the sky," responded her dad.

Madeline, our astute little girl, promptly questioned, "How? I don't think he can SWIM there!"

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The Quotable Madeline, Big Sister Edition

Chris told me about an exchange with the kids that he was part of today. 

The girls were playing in Madeline's bedroom, and he was pretty certain that he overheard Madeline referring to Sadie as her "Little Brother". Chris poked his head in to remind Madeline that Sadie was, in fact, her little sister. Madeline promptly explained that she knew that, and she was actually calling Sadie her "Little Bother" because "she is always taking the things that I am playing with before I am done with them!"